Cloud Queue Management System

No Server. No software. It’s all in the cloud.

Let your customers shop, not stand in a line. Give them a peace of mind.

Manage and control your waiting lines in dashboard from your browser.


All-in-one QMS App

Our Queue Management System comes in a handy mobile application. Load the app onto two devices to start managing your queues. One of the device will be at the restaurant front for patrons to queue themselves and another will be in the store to page for hungry customers. All you need from us is an account to get started!

Add Your Style

Have a strong style or like to crank up your customers with cheesy messages? With our call customisation features, you can now let them know their table is ready in the most creative way!

SMS Marketing

Customers love your food? Great! Now with the built in SMS broadcast features, you can show them how much you love them with exclusive offers! Sending a SMS to hungry customers before they decide on what to have helps them solve one of the everyday problem. Or you would like to fill up your restaurant during non-peak hours? Tell them your tea-break offers!